FPS provide multiple options for sending electronic invoices and credits including email, fax and now direct into Autopart Ledgers. Electronic invoicing offers many advantages over traditional paper invoices; the electronic transmission of documents removes slow and error-prone manual processes associated with paper based invoicing systems. See below for more information on our eInvoicing services…

eInvoicing direct into Autopart

From January 2012 FPS, in conjunction with MAM, will be introducing an enhanced electronic invoicing service for MAM Autopart & Autopart Ledger users. This new service will help users to streamline the administration of invoices and credits from FPS.

How does the service work?

On a weekly basis FPS generate invoice & credit files and email them to your Autopart system. Autopart will lift out the data and transfer it across to a holding area within the Autopart Ledger. From here you can view and manually match the invoices to Goods Received Notes (GRNs) on your Autopart system or against paper advice notes. They can then be posted to your ledger without re-keying any of the data.

Automated Matching

Further to receiving the invoices directly into your Autopart ledger, MAM can configure your system to automatically match your invoices to GRNs created during the goods in process. Any invoices that match within set criteria will be posted to the ledger, with the aim of leaving a small proportion of query invoices to be dealt with manually.*

*Some manual posting rules may be incompatible with the automated matching process. MAM charges will apply.

Document retrieval F:Drive

Statements, invoices, credits and advice notes are available to download through the F:Drive for all your FPS accounts. This service couldn’t be easier to use. Login to the F:Drive and go to the accounts section.

If you do not have your F:Drive login details please contact the eBusiness Customer Service Team who can give you the details.